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Hi! My name is Alberto, even though on social media you know me as Alvientooo. 

I like to talk about things in my own way; I am not a writer, not even a journalist, just a normal person who likes to travel and take photographs. After each trip, many of my friends would ask me about my experiences and also for advice on the destinations.

After realising that my experiences during my travels could help other people, I thought about combining my liking for travelling and taking photographs, and sharing it with everyone.

The most important aspect of sharing my experiences is for you to enjoy the moment and for them to be helpful whenever you do decide to travel at some point. It does not have to be miles away: we have many unknown places nearby. I love to travel and enjoy seeing new places, meeting people, eating food and seeing new landscapes.

The main idea of this blog is to share personal experiences, trips, adventures… It is told from a personal perspective with the idea of inspiring others when organising a trip, a short stay or spending a few days in a place with friends or on your own.

Urban destinations, nature or plans for foodies geared towards a public who looks for plans that are different and enjoys new places.

Alvientooo travelblogger
Spanish travelblogger alvientooo
Alvientooo blogger de viajes

When di it all start?

It all started over 10 years ago when, wanting to avoid having to send emails to share the experiences I had in everyone of my trips, I created my first blog: Máis Grelos. In 2017, I decided to create the Alvientooo blog, in honour of my alter ego on social media. The new blog also allows me to include all types of content and different formats for each entry.

Throughout the years I have travelled to many places: Brazil, Argentina, India,Morocco and the United Kingdom, among many other international destinations. There were cities that I loved, such as Istanbul, Salvador de Bahia or many others in Europe and Southern India.

Many of the trips have stayed in my memory and others I have recounted in my blogs. Obviously my blogs are not a traveller´s resume. I recount what I find interesting or if I have enough material to do so.

The world of gastronomy

Part of my travels and experiences is related to gastronomy, since it is a world that I am passionate about and I can not fathom a trip without relating it to the gastronomy and the traditional flavours of each destination, its customs and the traditions of its inhabitants.

Throughout the year, I take part in several gastronomy competitions as a jury member and co-operate with different radio and television programmes or with other media, travel websites, blogs, etc. This is how I play my part when it comes to helping the gastronomy and wine tourism industry.

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blog de viajes y aventuras de Alvientooo

Shall we work together?

I combine many of my travels and adventures with work. I co-operate with many companies in the tourism and services industry to help them with their campaigns, content for social media, organising events or as a community manager.

If you want us to work together any time or need any information, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to help you.In the ‘Press’ section of the blog you will find links to some of the news, partnerships, programmes and events I take part in throughout the year.

If you need me to send you my presskit, you only have to ask.

blog de viajes Alvientooo
blog de viajes y aventuras de Alvientooo
blog de viajes Alvientooo